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Cabling ~ Bracing

Cabling and bracing are two forms of structural support for trees

Installing flexible cables or rigid braces to reduce the chances of failure of defective unions.

When do you cable / brace?

  • There are three major uses of cables and braces
    • prevention: to reduce the chance of failure on a healthy tree with structural weakness
      • Example: a specimen bur oak in good condition but having large limbs with "V-crotches"
    • restoration: to prolong the existence of a damaged tree
      • Example: a large Mulberry that lost one of its leaders in a storm, leaving the others suddenly exposed and vulnerable to further damage
    • mitigation: to reduce the hazard potential of a tree
      • Example: a picturesque multi-stemmed Locust  that towers over a picnic shelter

How is the cabling / bracing done?

  • By certified arborist who is knowledgeable and experienced in this area.
  • There are many important technical aspects to correct cabling and bracing
    • the strength and material of the hardware
    • the arrangement of the cables (simple, triangle, box) or rods (single, multiple, etc.)
    • the location, type and size of the entries made into the tree
  • "All work and materials shall be in accordance with ANSI, A300 Tree Care Standards (Part 3) -- 2000."



All Thread Bolts Stabilize Cracked Limb   Close Up of Damaged Attachment
  Cable in the Upper Canopy Minimizes the Movement of Split Limbs  



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