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Removals  of a tree is not to be taken lightly as there are many factors to be  considered in the safe removal of any tree.  Removal should be done by a  skilled professional.  We at Eric's Tree Care have many years of safely  removing trees from small to very large mature trees.   We use extreme  caution to safely remove a tree.  We use cranes on most of our technical  removals.



Eric's Tree Care plants trees in the early Spring or late Fall

We have a 15 Gallon Special which includes:

Tree shopping/selecting after location has been determined

Pick up and deliver to the planting site

Site preparation

Tree installation

Soil amendment if needed

Instructions on care and watering

2 Check up visits within first year of planting. (May and September)

Larger Ball and Burlap trees can also be planted,

 an estimate is required - call the office for appointment


Free Estimates

Thursday through Saturday

We will need your name, address, best phone number, and cross streets.  

Tell us what service we are estimating for you. (example, pruning, removal etc..)

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Office:  505-232-2358

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